Friday, May 21, 2010

Who say we are boring?!

.... our job might require the ability to sit from 12 hours without complaining.

.... our job might require the ability to stare at the monitor for indefinite hours.

.... our job might require the ability to calculate numbers on top of our head, with eyes closed.

but our job did not require our clothes to be as lifeless ....
or as colorless....

The first time.....

There are three things that are the most important in woman's romance life, before finally walking down the isle.

1. How to lie on first date.... to get a second date.

2. To go through the first anniversary... without big drama

3. Meeting the mother in law ...for the first time

We may not have a handy "Dummy guide to handle Mother in Law" (We wish so much, that every Mother in Law come with a manual book... and preferably a remote control to press "fast forward" or "pause")

However, we could not avoid the inevitable. We have to meet our Nemesis provided by nature. It does not have to be an ugly episode (at least not always)

When the day finally arrive to meet our "the one"s mother, certainly we want to look classy not trashy. We want to look chaste but with taste. At least, we want to be the Daughter in Law that know what’s hip, what’s hot and whats not.....

Fun loving woman, raise your hand please....

There are many type of women,

there are skinny women, there are voluptuous women

there are tall women, there are short women

there are smart women, there are intelligent women (i refuse to think there is dumb women)

there are feminine women, there are tomboy women

there are party goer women, there are stay at home women...

whichever we may be,

heaven forbid